Finding The Happiest Jobs In Africa


Waking up every day and miserably thinking about having to head off to a job you hate is no way to spend the majority of your time. With 8 hours a day spent at work, if you do not get at least some job satisfaction, you are not going to be a very happy person.

There are jobs out there that have people smiling all day, because not only do they love what they do but the jobs that they have contribute greatly to their happiness. The happiness that you experience while on the job depends on the following factors, to name but a few:

  • What it is that you do at work
  • The office environment that you will work in
  • The culture of the company
  • Those who you work with
  • The amount of money you take home

It will be difficult to figure out if you will enjoy the job and find happiness in your profession if you have not yet started working in said job. Being happy in your career plays a huge role in how you approach the rest of your life as job unhappiness can spill over into other areas of your life.

When you are browsing through jobs in Africa keep a look out for the following jobs as they are cited as the 7 happiest jobs in the world.

  • Systems Developer

Systems DeveloperThe world of IT is one that is full of people with passion. Long gone are the days when those working in the industry were thought of as just geeks. The IT world is full of professions that have been listed as some of the happiest in the world, with those working in this field are enjoying an immense amount of happiness. A systems developer is also known as a software developer and they not only work in a very challenging environment but they also work in an industry that offers great salary incentives. Software developers are changing the face of the IT world and they are revolutionising the way in which IT is done.

Systems developers also happen to be among the happiest people in the world.

  • Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software EngineerIf you enjoy working in a quiet setting, surrounded by the soft hum of computer screens this job could be your dream profession. Those in this industry spend their time developing systems based on the needs of those who are working with these systems the most. They spend their days studying the operating systems and adapting them, making them work more efficiently and easier for those who need them most. Senior software engineers will usually have a qualification for the work that they do and their experience will count for a lot.

They are among the happiest people in the world and their jobs give them plenty of job satisfaction.

  • Business Development Executive

Business Development ExecutiveThe business world has many highs and lows, and the pace of this world is always fast when businesses start experiencing great success. Business development executives are involved with the growth of the business they work for and they play a huge role in the strategies involved with the growth. The job has evolved from those who used to be involved in the sales of a company, but the position has since specialised into the role of a development executive.  Usually the business development executive is involved in bigger businesses. A career such as this one is highly rewarding as those who work in this industry will get to be involved, first hand, in the growth of a business. And they will get to enjoy all of the successes.

Because of the challenges and the job satisfaction, this career has some of the happiest people.

  • Website Developer

Website DeveloperIn terms of jobs in Africa, the web industry is opening up a whole lot of positions for people keen on learning. Just like other jobs mentioned on this list, those working in the web industry or IT industry experience the most amount of job satisfaction. Website developers are like online artists. They create beautiful websites that boost a company’s business and reputation, something that is rewarding and fulfilling in many ways.

When you are looking for jobs in Africa, have you considered the option of website developer? They are after all some of the happiest people in the world.

  • Executive chef

Executive ChefBreaking away from IT completely, the executive chef is enjoying plenty of happiness in his occupation. Chefs get to enjoy creating beautiful food creations and they get the satisfaction of watching other people consume their delicious meals. Sometimes working as an executive chef means travelling all over the world and meeting up with all types of people. The culinary genius of a chef is usually enhanced by their worldly travels and interactions.

Creative freedom and the travel opportunities all contribute to this job having some of the happiest people in the world.

  • School Principles

School PrincipleGetting to be a part of the team that will help to educate and shape the minds of the next generation has resulted in jobs that make people incredibly happy. The job of a school principle might not be the job of your dreams but for some it is the ultimate happy job. School principals need to have a strong background in education and the ability to lead their students to academic success. It is by no means an easy occupation.

Shaping and developing minds is high up on the happiness scale and those who do it for a living are truly happy.

  • Research assistant

Research AssistantCan you imagine spending your days being part of a team that uncovers great things through research? It is an exciting place to be, when new discoveries are being made and people are delving deeper into that which we had little information about before. The research assistant is right there to help the researcher and will be part of the glory when new discoveries are being made.

Being a research assistant means working in one of the happiest professions in the world and this job is certainly one you should look out for when looking at jobs in Africa.

Jobs in Africa offer people all types of opportunities and more than ever before, the African continent is thriving. Are you looking for that job that is going to reward you with plenty of happiness or are you looking for that job that is going to pay you that big salary? At Africa Job Board we can help you find that ideal job in Africa.

The Top Employing Countries Providing Jobs In Africa


Finding jobs in Africa has as much to do with the employment opportunities available in each country as it has to do with your qualifications to follow a certain career path. When a country is thriving and the economy is good, job opportunities flourish. Strong economies allow for growth in all areas and industries, and as a result that growth can lead to an improvement in the jobs that are available.

Africa is divided into 6 regions with each region enjoying a different amount of success in placing people into the right jobs in Africa. The CA Global Group has many years of experience in placing the right people in the right companies. And our statistics, collected between the years of 2009 and 2015, show exactly how many candidates have been placed into jobs in the various African nations. We are going to share some of the statistics that we have collected and we hope that when you are next looking for a job in Africa that you keep these numbers in mind.

The most prosperous regions for jobs in Africa

As mentioned, Africa is divided into 6 easily identifiable regions, namely: Central Africa, East Africa, Indian Ocean, North Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa. Depending on the nations within these regions, job opportunities vary. The general pattern is that the stronger the economy of a country the more job opportunities are available. These are the nations that enjoyed the most job placements between 2009 and 2015.

  • Jobs in Angola

AngolaAngola has come a long way since its civil strife and today it offers some great working opportunities. The economy has grown from strength to strength these past 20 or so years and today it has a stable economy that is making room for growth and changes, allowing more jobs to become available. CA Global placed 84 people into jobs in Angola.


  • Jobs in the Republic of the Congo

Republic Of Congo FlagFound in central Africa, the Republic of Congo has had its fair share of economic ups and downs. Today however the economy is stable and people are finding profitable working opportunities within the country. This central African nation is better known for its rainforests and gorilla populations but it is slowly making its mark as a country to enjoy a career in. With a population of just under 4 million people, the Republic of the Congo is certainly an option and CA Global placed 20 people into jobs in the Republic of the Congo.


  • Jobs in the DRC

DRC FlagA turbulent nation that has become known for its political upheaval and conflicts, the DRC is now also known for its job opportunities in some unusual fields (such as camp managers for mining companies). Jobs in the DRC pay rather well, especially as the country becomes a more stable place to live. International companies are finding profitability in this nation and as a result job opportunities are growing. 36 people found jobs in the DRC through CA Global.


  • Jobs in Egypt

Egypt FlagDespite the Arab Spring uprisings that recently hit the newspapers worldwide, jobs in this African nation are enjoying some popularity. The Egyptian economy is looking up, and the currency remains quite strong, meaning job opportunities continue to flourish and more people continue to be placed in well-paying occupations. CA Global was able to place 44 people into jobs between 2009 and 2015.



  • Jobs in South Africa

South Africa FlagMany Africans immigrate to South Africa when they are looking for work. They know that the strong economy and the growth of industries can lead to work opportunities, and they are certainly not wrong. CA Global placed a massive 275 people into jobs in just a handful of years. Those looking for work in South Africa are usually from all types of backgrounds and they have a variety of skills to their names. With this variety of people, job spaces can be filled with skilled or unskilled labour. South Africa continues to be a top job destination.


  • Jobs in Nigeria

Nigeria FlagNigeria is certainly an upcoming African economic power and just to prove this nation’s staying power, job opportunities are starting to grow. With 40 people finding jobs in Nigeria with the assistance of CA Global (from 2009 to 2015 alone), the number of people who find work in Nigeria is sure to grow in the coming years. Today Nigeria is considered to be one of the more prosperous nations on the African continent and jobs in Africa in this nation might one day become the top African employment destination.


  • Jobs in Uganda

Uganda FlagMade an independent nation in 1962, Uganda is home to 37.58 million people. Since 2014 the Ugandan economy has been showing some stability, according to African Economic Outlook. This trend shows that the economy is recovering and with a stronger economy comes more employment opportunities and more possibilities for people to find work in Uganda and start over again, living new lives. CA Global found working opportunities for 41 people in Uganda.


  • Jobs in Mauritius

Mauritius FlagWorking on an island nation? Who would turn down the opportunity of working on an island nation and spending their down time at the beach? According to Wikipedia, the labour force within Mauritius stands at around 600 200 people, making it a relatively small working force. But a small working force does not mean that job opportunities are scarce, CA Global has recently placed 26 people into job positions in Mauritius.



  • Jobs in Mozambique

Mozambique FlagSettling down in a developing country can offer you plenty of opportunities. Most jobs in Africa can give you the opportunity to reinvent the wheel or to find a new niche in which to settle. Those who are looking for jobs in Mozambique often have the option of working for a local company or they can enjoy the pleasure of working for an international company that has expanded their base to Mozambique. With a labour force of around 10 million people, jobs are available to all sorts of skill sets. 62 people found employment through CA Global during the 2009 and 2015 time frame.

Jobs in Africa are there for those who are looking for them. No matter what tough times hit our markets, there will always be jobs in Africa and using a recruitment agency in Africa can help your job hunt become a whole lot easier.


Turning Organic Waste into Fuel | Sanga Moses

Here’s a story about Sanga Moses, one of Africa’s emerging explorers, who discovered ways of turning organic waste into fuel.

organic wasteGrowing up barefoot in a tiny village in Uganda where there was always a shortage of electricity, Sanga Moses became the first in his family to graduate from college and soon after landed a bank job in Kampala.

Returning home to visit his family, Sanga bumped into his younger sister who was in tears carrying wood on her head. A concerned Sanga asked why she was crying and she expressed how there are days every week that she misses school because she has to mission to source wood, as most rural girls in Uganda have to do. Sang felt like his sister was missing out on the only opportunity she had to improve her life – education.

downloadWith regards to the village and the environment in which Sanga grew up, a lot changed since he left home to work and make a living. Growing up Sanga’s home was surrounded by national forests, and when he came to visit his family he heavily noticed how all those trees had been removed. Today, children must walk longer distances to source wood.

As a means to come up with a solution to problems born of burning wood, Sanga quit his job and began learning everything he could about renewable resources as he had the goal of successfully turning organic waste into fuel. Eventually he came across the progressively popular practice of turning organic waste into fuel. One day Sanga noticed a massive heap of sugar cane remains which is not hard to come by as Uganda is mainly agricultural and farm waste is frequently abandoned. Sanga immediately started working with engineering graduates to design kilns and briquette machines.

Several short years later the facts are:
  • 2,500 farmers use his kilns to turn farm waste—coffee husks and waste from sugar cane and rice—into charcoal.
  • A company that Moses founded, called Eco-Fuel Africa, buys the char and turns it into briquettes for cooking that burn cleaner and cost less than wood.
  • Eco-Fuel Africa takes those briquettes to market, providing fuel for over 19,000 Ugandan families.

There’s more to burning fuel wood than the destruction of Uganda’s trees, it also affects “the health and educational opportunities of the country’s poorest people.


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Top 10 CEOs Innovating the Africa Technology Industry

Here are your top 10 CEO’s who have changed the landscape of Africa’s Technology Industry. 

10. Alpesh Patel, Oju Africa

Leading the Technology Industry, Oju Africa is part of Mi-Group International and is the first African-centric Emoticon provider. CEO Apesh Patel had set his sights high in trying to convince Apple to diversify its range of emoticons. Something interesting – ‘Oju’ literally means ‘faces’ in the Yoruba language from its native Nigeria.

Technology Industry

9. Barbara Mallinson, Obami

Voted as one of the top young people in Africa’s Technology Industry to take to lunch , Barbara Mallinson has been dubbed as one of the most refreshing and innovative entrepreneurs on the continent after founding Obami, a platform which allows people to create and join learning communities.

Technology Industry

8. Chris Prujisen, reinforces interactive learning through the medium of advanced digital tools within Africa’s Technology Industry. Chris Prujisen has additionally formulated companies such as and Founderbus UK.

Technology Industry

7. Tim Rimbui, Waabeh

More recognised as an established and successful musician in Africa, Tim Rimbui has been a major influencer behind online music portal, Waabeh.

Technology Industry

6. Jeremy Hodara & Sacha Poignonnec, Jumia

Winning the title of Best New Retail Launch, online shopping site, Jumia was founded in 2012 by Rocket Internet and has grown substantially in Egypt and Nigeria in the hands of CEOs, Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec.

Technology Industry

5. Neil du Preez, Mellowcabs

Passionate about preserving the environment and producing a more eco-friendly way of life, Neil du Preez’s Mellowcabs’ company has proved an immediate success in South Africa. His fun and creativity led to the electric vehicles which act as first and last mile transportation for commuters in urban areas within a three kilometre radius.

Technology Industry

4. Johann Jenson, SleepOut Kenya

Leveraging the ever-significant trend of ecommerce in Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean islands, Johann Jenson joined forces with Kenyan digital entrepreneur, Mikul Shah to form SleepOut. SleepOut acts as a booking service assisting travelers in finding discounted rates for hotels, apartments and other popular accommodations.

Technology Industry

3. Kahenya Kamunyu, Able Wireless

Keeping an eye fixed on the future of The African Technology Industry, Able Wireless serves as an advanced wireless internet and television service within Kenya.

Technology Industry

2. Phares Kariuki, Angani

Staying in Kenya, Phares Kariuki’s Angani is striving to provide competition for the likes of Safaricom in offering a pay as you go cloud based service in the country.

Technology Industry

1. David Osei, Dropifi

 David Osei takes the number one spot out of Africa’s top 10 CEOs taking over Africa’s Technology Industry. Succeeding in a role as an emerging company in an emerging market, Dropifi’s success has coincidentally come from aiding similarly small businesses and acting as the for SMEs.

Technology Industry

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