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11 000 jobs after Durban makes African History | First African Commonwealth Games Host

Every 4 years, athletes from over 50 countries compete in the Commonwealth Games. The next games will take place in 2018 and will be held on the Gold Coast in Australia. Yesterday (3 September 2015) the announcement was made in New Zealand after a unanimous vote by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), that Africa will see its first host in 2022 and named Durban, South Africa.

11 000 new jobs is expected to be created after it was recently announced that Africa will host its first Commonwealth Games in none other than the third largest city in South Africa, Durban, in 2022.



What this means for South Africa’s economy

The City already has an infrastructure and facilities in place (Durban has a 56 000 capacity stadium which has previously hosted FIFA 2010 World Cup matches has invested over 3.4 billion Rand in sporting infrastructure since 2009) but a further budget was requested specifically for hosting the Commonwealth Games.

The budget for the event has been approved at a 6.5 billion Rand, according to Bid Committee Chairman, Mark Alexander.


What is stated in Durban’s bid document to The Commonwealth?

In a bid document presented for the event, it stated the following:

  • The Opening Ceremony would take place on Mandela Day, 18 July 2022
  • Durban’s vision to support and contribute to South Africa’s 2030 National Development Plan
  • Durban is rooted in the desire to engage citizens (especially young South African youth), athletes and the Commonwealth
  • The Commonwealth Games is expected to contribute 11 billion Rand to the South African economy
  • More than 11 000 jobs is expected to be created
  • A compact venue plan in Moses Mabhida Stadium and adjacent coastline (which boasts excellent opportunities for innovative sport presentation and enhanced athlete experience)


Other Commonwealth Games Potential Hosts

Durban was actually the sole bidder after the Canadian city of Edmonton withdrew its bid due to financial concerns caused by lower oil prices.


Thoughts about Durban, South Africa hosting the Commonwealth?

Head of Business Chamber in Pietermaritzburg, Melanie Veness said: “The economic downturn is impacting on us as much as elsewhere and there’s good reason why Edmonton pulled out. Our excitement is tempered by the fiscal reality of staging an event of this nature…” Fowzia_Gamiet_CA_Global_Headhunters (Small)


Whilst the reality is that the fiscal impact on Durban and South Africa is great, the economic potential that stands to be gained looks to encouraging. The potential job creation as well as an industry boom in tourism points to a favourable economic outcome for South Africa. Time will tell.

What do you think?


HOT JOB IN KENYA: Inventory Manager
Life as a Lean Six Sigma Production Execution Superintendent