About Us

Africa Job Board is an online job platform with the purpose of creating an interactive space dedicated to the Africa market. Founded in 2009 with the purpose of helping people worldwide find their perfect job match in Africa, and to also solve the challenges people experience when job hunting. The employment vacancies are booming within Africa as the rest of the world and industry leaders starts increasingly investing in African countries We want to invite everybody from all around the world to express their opinions, thoughts, articles, feelings and attitudes, all pertaining to the colourful and ever growing continent we call Africa.

Our objective is to share fascinating and beneficial information on African culture, employment, social developments, political views and new innovations. We want to bridge the world with captivating opportunities all around Africa, revealing the true beauty of the continent. This interactive platform is 2-way, encouraging you, the world, to get involved and have your say.

By interacting and being part of Job Africa Board, you are not only exposed to endless opportunities, but also contributing to them. Africa Job Board will open you up to a universe where innovation meets youth; tradition meets methodology and where freedom meets thought.