The Continent of Hope

The digital revolution is the way of our world and is transforming from a revolution to a norm; Acceptance of this is the only way to survive and remain ahead of the ‘game’ that we call life. Worldwide statistics reveal that the amount of available jobs doesn’t suffice the amount of people in need for employment, spelling out major crisis development. This is a challenge that, no matter where you live in the world, we all have to face and stand up to. The only way to guarantee a spot in the employment sector is to build and gain competitor advantage and that’s where Africa Job Board can help you.

Open to the world, Job Africa Board makes every effort to act as a trusted and reliable resource for solid employment advice, trends, opportunities and general news within Africa. This 2-way platform is here to provide Africa- related information as a means to empower readers with solid informative guidance that can essentially carry job seekers through the challenging job search process. If you are seeking a job anywhere in Africa, or simply intrigued by the happenings of the colourful continent, then Africa Job Board is the perfect platform for you.

Running the platform are highly specialised tech-savvy members who take major pride in offering the best material there is; from videos and images to articles and debates. Africa Job Board strives to provide a full spectrum of mixed media as a way to truly engage with all visitors and users, promoting a more up-beat and user friendly approach to hunting for the perfect job.

What type of Africa-related information can you expect?

  • Videos pertaining to all things relevant
  • A wide range of employment vacancies
  • Breaking News within Africa
  • Articles and general discussions
  • Insightful images
  • Useful links
  • Testimonials
  • Expat Africa Payroll???


  • Free of charge
  • Expat benefit
  • Spamming is not part of our essence / nature
  • Constant free flow of relevant and newsworthy information
  • Exposure to job vacancies
  • Subscribe optionally – if subscribed, you will receive daily updates on subjects; relevant to you
  • Employment tips and how to’s
  • Diverse career related advice

Africa Job Board looks forward to linking employment with Africa

The Continent of Hope
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