Sub-Saharan Africa aims to increase high-quality productive jobs
The Imposing Buffalo

Not surprising at all, the King of the animal kingdom is the beautiful and powerful Lion. It’s one of the most thrilling animals to see in person. Lions are large and incredibly gorgeous cats that possess outstanding hunting skills. It’s not often that Lions are seen hunting, instead they are often caught sleeping.

Unlike other cats, lions are highly social and they live as well as feed in prides. Lion prides consist of several females, their cubs and a few males. When Lions hunt tough prey like buffalo’s they are more cooperative but will most likely hunt and defeat an antelope individually. Interestingly enough, females hunt more than what the males do and the food that is hunted is for all to rummage. Similarly to leopards, Lions use the method of trapping when hunting more often than tracking and chasing.

The lifespan of Lions average up to 14 years of age but because many Lions fight each other, they often die earlier due to severe injuries made from one another. Did you know that the female Lions harmonise / coordinate the birth of their cubs and work together in raising them? Another awesome Lion fact is that females normally live with their pride forever whereas male cubs are forcefully removed from the pride when they are between the ages of 2 and 4. Sounds sad doesn’t it?

Besides the infrequent buffalo Lions have a couple of other natural predators however the main threat to Lions (like most animals) is man-kind.

OK so just to break the seriousness of this article, here are some wacky and light-hearted facts concerning Lions:

  • 20 hours a day is how long Lions sleep for – clearly beauty sleep is essential for these cats.
  • Cubs are born with what is called rosettes, which are spots.
  • The darker and bigger the Lion’s mane is, the stronger the lion is perceived to be.
  • When a cub is roughly 5 months old, they develop a hairy tuft at the end of their tail.
  • All Lions can climb trees.
  • Swimming is not favoured by Lions.
  • Male lions mark their territory by squirting a mixture of urine and odour from glands at the base of their tails.



Sub-Saharan Africa aims to increase high-quality productive jobs
The Imposing Buffalo