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The 2018 Soccer World Cup, hosted by Russia, has just ended, but the moments live on forever. While no African country has ever won a Soccer World Cup, there have been some iconic moments that have been etched into African sports history. Here are a few of the greatest moments in Africa’s Soccer World Cup History:                                                                                                                                                    [Source]

Africa’s greatest Soccer World Cup moments

Rashidi Yekini’s iconic 1994 World Cup goal celebration

In 1994, Rashidi Yekini scored Nigeria’s first ever goal at the World Cup, playing against Bulgaria. Yekini’s pride and excitement over the goal is palpable as he grips the goalpost netting in praise. As his teammates rush to celebrate with him, the crowd goes wild.

Siphiwe Tshabalala’s unforgettable wonder goal against Mexico

South Africa’s Siphiwe Tshabalala bought pride to his country when he scored the opening goal in their match with Mexico at the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Tshabalala scored at quite a distance from the goalpost, making it an even more memorable win. After scoring, Tshabalala and a few of his teammates performed a short celebratory dance and made a quick victory lap to a roaring, excited crowd. Made even more exciting was that South Africa was the host country that year.

Cameroon makes African history

Cameroon made history in 1990 when they became the first African country to reach the Soccer World Cup quarter-finals. Cameroons Roger Milla scored 4 goals for his country throughout the competition, held that year in Italy. It was after one of his goals against Romania that he broke out into dance, iconizing the Roger Milla dance, which became his trademark.

Sunday Oliseh’s stunning strike in 1998 against Spain

Another exciting moment in African soccer history is Nigeria’s Sunday Oliseh’s goal against Spain in 1998. Oliseh scored Nigeria’s winner in a 3-2 against Spain in a group game of the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France. His far distance goal shocked Oliseh himself, visible as he lapped the field in stunned pride.

The goal that knocked out a reigning champion

Senegals Papa Bouba Doip opened the 2002 World Cup with a strong presence when they beat France with a 1-0, knocking the reigning champion out of the competition, winless and goalless. Following the goal, Doip removed his shirt and danced around it with his teammates in celebration. Senegal would go on to reach the quarter-finals before losing to Turkey.

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Akon creating his own futuristic CryptoCity - AKoin
The power of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace