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A new water source in Namibia was recently discovered. This could change the lives of Namibians. 

Water source in NamibiaThe latest news for West Africa is the discovery of a new water source in Namibia which has the power to satisfy the entire regions need to for water. This new water source in Namibia was discovered in the Northern region. What makes this new water source in Namibia an incredible discovery is that Namibia is one of the driest
water source in Namibiacountries in sub-Saharan Africa hence the benefits that the people of Northern Africa and surrounding regions will gain.

When it comes to natural resources, water is the most prized. What would we do without water?

New water source in Namibia factswater source in Namibia

The aquifer water source in Namibia, named Ohangwena II, streams under the border of Angola and Namibia. Given the regions current consumption rate, this water source in Namibia has the ability to provide efficient water for the next 400 years.  This is incredible for the people of Northern Africa! There are roughly 800,000 residents of Northern Namibia who at the moment depend on a 40-year old canal which transports water across the border from Angola.

The water source in Namibia Sustainable Project

As for all developing countries, a sustainable water supply is the first priority for Namibia now that the country has discovered a new water source. The government is hoping that the new source in Namibia will be accomplished effectively and sustainably, lessening the country’s dependence on European aid, and instead moving towards foreign investment.

In spite of the water source in Namibia’s age, the water is safe to drink. In actual fact the new water source in Namibia may contain water safer to drink because of the time it has spent away from environmental pollution of open sources.

If the new water source in Namibia was below the ground for lets say 10,000 years it means it was recharged at a time when environmental pollution was not yet a matter, so on average it can be a lot better than water that infiltrates in cycles of months or years.


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