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Burundi has so much to offer skilled workers seeking jobs in the Mining (, Oil & Gas (, Engineering ( and Banking / Finance ( Industries. If you want to be part of CA Global’s database send your CV to zoe [at] caglobalint [dot] com

BurundiBurundi, otherwise known as the Republic of Burundi is a landlocked country in the Great Lakes region of Eastern Africa, with Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the country’s neighbours.

Its charming capital, Bujumbura has an amazing location on the shores of Lake Tanganyika and just outside the city are some of the finest inland beaches. In Burundi you can expect stunning scenery and warmth of the Burundians more than compensates.

Service sectors in the country include the assembly of imported components; public works
Burundiconstruction; food processing, and light consumer goods such as blankets, shoes, and soap.

Burundi’s largest industry is agriculture; 90% of the population is dependent on subsistence farming. Burundi’s largest source of capital is coffee, accounting for roughly 93% of Burundi’s exports. Other agricultural products include cotton, tea, maize, sorghum, sweet potatoes, bananas and tapioca. This wonderful nation is additionally comprised of diverse natural resources such as uranium, nickel, cobalt, copper, and platinum.  

Banking / Finance in Burundi

With 4% of Burundians being members of microfinance institutions, microfinance plays a big role in its economy. Burundi’s currency is the Burundian franc (BIF).

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Oil and gas in Burundi

Petroleum products are imported to Burundi by the country’s neighbours. Traditional fuels such as firewood, charcoal and agricultural residues are mainly used for cooking and household needs, accounting for roughly 90% of the country’s total energy requirements. The petroleum sector is under the control of the Ministry of Industry and Trade which supervises oil imports.

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Engineering in Burundi

Hydroelectric power stations in Burundi make up for most of the country’s electricity. The national University offers an advanced and highly credible program in civil engineering, planning and urbanism.  The country has placed major effort in ensuring that the country has specialists to match the socio-economic, technological and scientific development of the country.  Burundi’s engineering, planning and urbanism is a focus and a priority in order to respond to these developmental needs.

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Mining in Burundi

Burundi is a producer of columbium, tantalum ore, tin ore, and tungsten ore, and some deposits of gold which are designated for export. This landlocked nation has resources of copper, cobalt, nickel, feldspar, phosphate rock, quartzite, and rare reserves of uranium, and vanadium.  Furthermore, the country is also a producer of limestone, peat, sand and gravel for domestic consumption and as building materials. 

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Rwanda Industry Opportunities
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