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The economy of Mauritania is mostly comprised of the oil, gas, mineral, engineering, banking and fishing industries. Growth and long-term development are evident in this country. 

Capital: Nouakchott

Currency: Mauritanian ouguiya

Official language: Arabic Language

The economy of Mauritania | Oil and Gas Sector 

Mauritania Mauritania’s proven and probable crude oil reserves are projected at roughly 600 million barrels and the sector is bound to become the major player in the economy of Mauritania .The oil and gas sector which plays a vital role in the economy of Mauritania offers major opportunities for global investment.  Exploratory drilling in the country has exposed momentous deposits of oil and gas both onshore and offshore. 

The economy of Mauritania | Mining Sector 

The Mining Sector is highly influential in the economy of Mauritania. The nation is home to some of the richest and least-developed deposits of mineral resources in Africa, many of which are in high demand across the international market. Mining products include iron ore, copper, gold, phosphates, gypsum, and salt, as well as recent discoveries of uranium and diamonds. Mauritania’s iron ore production and exports is the largest source of revenue, and with exploration results revealing vast signs of mineral deposits, the mining sector is vital for the full enhancement of the economy of Mauritania.  

The economy of Mauritania offers incredible market related opportunities for investors and job seekers. If you would like to be considered for any employment opportunities in Mauritania feel free to send me your CV: zoe 


Libya Industry Opportunities
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