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The relevancy of Biomass in Africa

Regarded as one of the safest African nations world-wide, the locals in Zambia  live in peace and harmony.


Agriculture: Massive potential lies in Zambia’s agriculture sector. Well gifted with good soil and an area of 60 million hectares arable land, Zambia comprises vast surface and underground water and ideal climate conditions appropriate for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops like wheat, soya, bean, coffee, cotton, tobacco, sugar, paprika etc.Zambia crop zones

Did you know that Zambia only makes use 15% of all arable land? The Zambian government is focusing on contributing to the enhancement of the agriculture sector by allocating vast tracks of land near the rail and road networks for prospective investors.

Agro-processing of wheat, soyabean, cotton, tobacco, spices, sugar and vegetables is encouraged to add value to local produce in the region. Special incentives are offered to commercial and small-holder farmers.

With regards to fisheries, commercial fish production roughly reflects an amount of 70,000 tonnes per year. Both government and the private sector are involved in the fisheries industry in Zambia and are working to implement programmes of sustainable fishing practice.

Manufacturing: The Manufacturing Industry in Zambia  is one of the most significant contributors to the economy as it contributes roughly 11% to the GDP and 10% to employment.

manufacturing in Zambia

Zambia’s current base in this sector comprises of companies into food processing, beverages, textiles, leisure and sporting equipment. The main activities include the smelting and refining of copper and other metals and metal products, petroleum refining, the production of fertilisers, chemicals, explosives, cement, tobacco products and textiles.

Another important reason for greater potential for investment in the manufacturing sector, is that the sector possesses all the vital required elements such as raw materials, labor force, abundant land and a good banking and financial system.

Mining: Zambia has vast amount of wealth in minerals which helps in inviting and rich array of opportunities for potential investors.picture map

Aimed to reduce the dependence on raw copper, the government has created various opportunities which have led to a rapid growth in the non-traditional exports leading to a diversification of the economy.

Energy: During liberalization period of economy, the Zambian Government has amended its legislation affecting the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity and thus allowed  private sector entry.

zambia energy

The potential opportunities are in projects like Kafue Gorge Lower HydroElectric Project, Itezhi-tezhi HydroElectric Project, Zambia-Tanzania Interconnector and Zambia-Namibia Interconnector. The exploration potential for hydrocarbons (oil and gas) is another area that has not been fully tapped.


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South Africa Industry Outlook and Jobs
The relevancy of Biomass in Africa