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How to spot a fake job

How to Spot a Fake Job

On the job market but scared of falling for a fake job posting? You should be. The job market is not as safe as you think. There are many people trying to take advantage of job seekers. These are the warning signs that point to a fake job:

Generic emails:

The recruiters email address should refer to the actual business, because they would be using their company email. If the email is something like janedoe [at] gmail [dot] com, it is probably not real. There should be a company email and contact number attached to the email. There are, of course,  exceptions to the rule, such as small, newer companies. It is thus important to do your research before contacting them. If an email address seems like a scam, you can search it on Google with the word ‘scam’. If it is a scam, you are most likely not the first person they have approached, and others would have reported the company.

Lack of Company’s online presence:

You should always research a company before attending an interview. If you cannot find information, or find very little information about the company online, this is a massive red flag. Companies that have little online presence seem much less legitimate. However, sophisticted scammers know this and in some cases, will pretend to represent an existing company. Always make sure to research the specific person that contacted you. If you cannot find the employee that approached you on that company’s website, this is a cause for concern. In this case, it is advisable to contact the company to find out if this opportunity is actually real or a scam.

You have to pay:

Any job offer that requires you to pay to do anything is a huge warning sign. This is the biggest sign of a fake job. As a rule of thumb, you should NEVER give money to strangers over the internet. Be wary of scams that need you to fill in any personal information that relates to your finances. A popular scam is one where the scammer says they need your credit score checked before progressing to the next step of the job process. They will then provide a link to an online form that will essentially scam you into giving out your banking details.  Other scams may ask you to pay for a background check, or for the costs of training / necessary software, or to register with the company. If you come across this, run and report immediately.

High salary with minimum requirements:

Ever seen a job that seems to good to be true? It probably is. Jobs that offer high salaries with little requirements are highly suspect. It is important to research your market worth for particular positions to know a ballpark figure, allowing you to know when a job is offering outside of the norm. With regards to the job requirements, If the requirements are unclear, that’s another warning sign. If you are still questioning what the job actually requires of you, its probably not real.

Do you know any other warning signs? Let us know in the comments below!

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