High levels of growth and development across Africa has been a constant for some time now. Africa is filled with endless opportunities; however, Africa’s growth which is well acknowledged by the world has not had maximum impact on improving competitiveness and the quality of life for the entire continent’s population.

Africa has seen high levels of economic growth over the last decade, however that growth has had limited impact on boosting competitiveness and increasing the quality of life of ordinary people on the continent.

Weaknesses continue in the quality of organisations, substructure, macroeconomic rules, education and employment of new technologies. There are also big gaps between its highest and lowest ranked economies. Such challenges are highlighted and receive much attention from governments across the African continent.

Business and development specialists from all over the world are meeting to deliberate provincial integration and its role in increasing economic growth and human well-being on the continent.

Leaders and other figures that possess the power and influence to implement change should inspect how to push the African continent away from its comfort zone in order to become a global growth pole in its own right. This “push” will assist in building resilience against external shocks and threats.

Robust action is what is now needed on non-tariff barriers, trade facilitation and the movement of people. Africa has the political will and the strategic vision to make this happen.

Because of Africa’s focus on capital-intensive, commodity-based industries, Africa has seen limited economic transformation. Due to these limitations, the creation of jobs, markets and institutions required to help the youth build a better future have lagged behind

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