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The jobs of the future

The jobs of the future are only a day away.

As time progresses, so does society. Advances in technology, as well as political, economic and cultural shifts and differing demands mean that some jobs may become obsolete. At the same time, however, there will also be a need for new jobs and new workers. These new jobs will incorporate an infusion of various skills., the majority of which will have a technological element. These jobs will solve old problems and explore new opportunities. The Center for Future Jobs has compiled a list of jobs of the future, taking in the various above considerations. Here are a few jobs of the future expected to become a reality within the next 10 years.

Data detective

A data detective would be required to investigate big data, to decode and decipher meaning. You would be required to generate meaningful business answers and recommendations from the investigation of data generated by Internet of Things end points, devices, sensors, biometric monitors, traditional computing infrastructure, next-gen fog, mesh, edge, neural capabilities, etc. Responsibilities include examining data, finding new sources of data, asking questions of data and triangulating different data sources. Essentially, this job requires you to be Garcia from Criminal Minds.

This mid to high-tech job post would incorporate maths, technology and law enforcement. Ideal candidates would have backgrounds in law enforcement, trained in a legal framework eg barristers, attorneys, qualifications in maths and/or general sciences and finance, and training in data science.

Man-machine teaming manager

Artifical intelligence is on the rise, and will definitely alter the workforce. The future wil see many robots taking on human jobs. However, the workforce will not be entirely machinated. Humans and machines will have to work together. This is where the man-machine teaming manager comes in. The key task for this role is developing an interaction system through which humans and machines mutually communicate their capabilities, goals and intentions, and devising a task planning system for human-machine collaboration. The end goal is to create augmented hybrid teams that generate better business outcomes through human-machine collaboration.

To hold this position, an employee would require a graduate degree in experimental psychology or neuroscience and a relevant master’s qualification in computer science, engineering or HR.

Digital tailor

This job responds to the rising popularity of e-commerce. Online shopping has become a big part of modern society. One of the biggest concerns in this sphere is in clothing shopping, as sizing issues cause shoppers to eschew purchasing an item or having to return it. A digital tailor would solve this issue. A digital tailor would work with customers in their home or at their place of work to ensure clothing items ordered online fit perfectly when delivered. Using a technological assistant, the digital tailor would perform a measurement process, ensuring that all the required measurements are captured correctly, after which they would upload them into the central cloud-based ordering system. They will also offer advice and recommendations to the customer about styling, cloth choice, drape, etc., and offer value-added input into fashion trends, new design names and upcoming events. the digital tailor will then revisit the customer with the finished item and provide final fit and touchup services, including but not limited to last-minute adjustments (in cases where a customer has added or lost weight since the initial measurement gathering) and accessorizing suggestions.

This job would require experience in fashion and garment construction, strong sales abilities and comfort with new technology.

Personal memory curator

This job takes scrap booking to the next level. As a personal memory curator, your job is to recreate memories via virtual reality. A personal memory curator would provide a “live well” solution for aging customers by creating and delivering seamless virtual environments for them to inhabit. This Westworld-esque role requires consulting across a range of customer stakeholders, media and historical sources to remake and architect past experiences to reduce the stress or anxiety that simple memory loss creates. As a personal memory curator, you will consult with patients and stakeholders to generate specifications for virtual reality experiences that bring a particular time, place or event to life.

Ideal candidates would be highly emotionally intelligent, have a strong understanding of virtual reality simulation techniques, as well as strong creative and research skills.

Highway controller

Remember how we thought flying cars would be a thing? Well, in the very near future, they will be. With airspace transport, we will require monitoring and management. Cue the highway controller. This space controller would assist in regulating road and airspace in the inner city. The successful candidate will join the space control inner city management team to monitor, regulate, plan and manipulate air and road space, monitoring and programming the automated AI platforms used for space management of autonomous cars and drones. The ideal candidate should be comfortable confronting occasional high-stress environments and be competent dealing with sophisticated AI tools. The candidate should also have strong communication and organizational skills.

What do you think of these jobs of the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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These social media mistakes are affecting your work!
Work in Namibia: Senior Network Engineer Jobs
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