Jose Maria Neves is the Prime Minister of Cape Verde and he is super chuffed with the social and economic progress his country has achieved over the last several years.  Even though there are still challenges that the people of Cape Verde have to face, almost all the children are now going to school, born in hospitals and are vaccinated at birth.

Income growth

The country’s per capita income has risen to $4,000 and the poverty rate has plummeted from 80% to 24% in merely 17 years. The probability of even more growth is almost a guarantee and is expected to grow to $12,000 by 2030.

Tourism growth

Every year in Cape Verde the tourism sector grows and at the moment the country is visited by 500 000 tourists. By 2040 the average number of tourists per year visiting the country will amount to an increase of 750,000 tourists. By the end of next year 8 dams and 200 projects will be on the go as a means for improving underground water supplies.

Natural resources

Cape Verde remains to develop sources of renewable energy. Presently one third of the country’s energy comes from alternative energy sources.


Within the borders of Cape Verde there are roughly 30 000 immigrants who mostly come from West Africa. Because of this, Cape Verde’s government has chosen to transform into an immigration nation. It’s almost as if Cape Verde is a retreat for Africa as it houses so many immigrants.

Investment opportunities

In terms of investment, there are countless investment opportunities in all areas in Cape Verde such as restoration and construction, tourism, aerial and maritime transportation, performing arts, technology, information and communication, and renewable energy.

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