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The economy of Mauritania | Oil, Gas and Mining

Libya can be defined as a frontier market with incredible credentials, tons of optimism and a driving ambition.

libyaLibya has deep pockets and boundless opportunities for investors. The African country provides amazing business opportunities with countless rewards to be gained. With almost all the sectors in the country requiring investment, from tourism to technology, infrastructure to education, Libya is undoubtedly the right country for businesses wanting to gain exposure and financial reward. 

The time has never been better for doing business in Libya. Whether you are looking to invest, partner, or represent, the country offers some huge
libya potentials for those who get established well. The nations’s government supports the creation of a democratic nation that is secure, peaceful, and prosperous.

Natural resources include petroleum, natural gas and gypsum. Agriculture products include wheat, barley, olives, dates, citrus, vegetables, peanuts, soybeans and cattle. Industries include petroleum, iron and steel, food processing, textiles, handicrafts and cement.

Mining in Libya

Due to the country’s geology being exposed in some of the most isolated regions of the country, access to mining activity is not easy.  The existence of numerous high grade metamorphic belts presents potential for gold, iron ore and base metals in Libya. Several tertiary ring complexes are well exposed to the south of the country. Solid mineral production is largely for the cement industry.

Oil & Gas in Libya

Libya depends primarily on revenue generated from its oil industry, which provides all foreign export earnings as well as contributing a third to the region’s GDP.

Engineering in Libya

The country’s infrastructure  has become the number one focus as there is a lot of infrastructure reform that needs to be achieved! Libya literally needs to rebuild everything from utilities to housing and power as well as telecommunications and there is no doubt that these opportunities coupled with investment will do wonders for job creation and education.

Banking in Libya

The goal of Libya’s Banking Sector is to maintain the strength and integrity of banking activities and financial stability, leading to the protection of depositors’ money, and preserving the rights of shareholders, and to ensure the ability of banks to contribute to the growth of the national economy.


Madagascar Industry Opportunities
The economy of Mauritania | Oil, Gas and Mining
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