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Libya is formally known as the State of Libya and is part of North Africa; the Maghreb region. Libya is mostly comprised of desert and is a highly oil-rich country placed on the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Stable and prosperous Libya has oil revenues that constitute Libya’s principal source of foreign exchange. Oil was first discovered in 1959 and has earned Libya major wealth.

Libya can be defined as a frontier market with incredible credentials, tons of optimism and a driving ambition. The country also has deep pockets and boundless opportunities for investors. Libya provides amazing business opportunities with countless rewards to be gained. With almost all the sectors in the country requiring investment, from tourism to technology, infrastructure to education, Libya is undoubtedly the right country for businesses wanting to gain exposure and financial reward. The country is open to diverse investment and business opportunities.

The time has never been better for doing business in Libya. Whether you are looking to invest, partner, or represent, Libya offers some huge potentials for those who get established well. The government of Libya supports the creation of a democratic nation that is secure, peaceful, and prosperous.

Full name: State of Libya

Population: 6.4 million

Capital: Tripoli

Major language: Arabic

Major religion: Islam

Main exports: Crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas

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