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Sierra Leone’s vision for the next two decades is to become a middle-income country. The country aims to be an inclusive green country with ¾ of the population above the poverty line, to have gender equality, a well-educated and healthy population, good governance and rule of law, well-developed infrastructure, macroeconomic stability and export-led growth generating wide employment opportunities. Sierra Leone’s government discloses that the country additionally aims to implement good environmental protection as well as responsible natural resource exploitation.

Economic growth will be determined by the success of Sierra Leone’s businesses and industries, empowered by a supportive business environment, comprising of good institutional framework, adequate infrastructure, access to credit, and availability of skilled labour. Because the country will need significant foreign direct investment, the nation aims to be competitive.

Capital: Freetown

Currency: Sierra Leonean leone

Population: 5.979 million

Official language: English Language

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