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South Sudan is formally known as the Republic of South Sudan and Juba is the country’s capital and biggest city.  

South Sudan’s habitats include grasslands, high-altitude uplands and cliffs, wooded and grassy savannas, floodplains, and wetlands.

For the people of South Sudan, both old and modern sports are loved, predominantly wrestling and mock battles. Such traditional sports were largely played after the harvest seasons to celebrate the harvests and finish the farming seasons.

Subsistence agriculture provides a living for the vast majority of the population. The region depends largely on imports of goods, services, and capital from the north, however, the country does have abundant natural resources.

Mining in South Sudan

In the capital Juba, international mining firms are lining up at South Sudan’s ministry of petroleum and mining, aiming to get their hands on part of the vast, unexplored territory.

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Oil & Gas in South Sudan

The government of South Sudan derives nearly 98% of its budget revenues from oil. Oil is exported through two pipelines that run to refineries and shipping facilities at Port Sudan on the Red Sea

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Engineering in South Sudan

South Sudan is seeing tremendous development opportunities and economic activity, creating widespread demand for new infrastructure in all areas, from roads to power to airports.

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Banking in South Sudan

The Ministry manages and develops the energy and mining sectors, to sustain and responsibly unlock South Sudan’s natural resources for the long-term growth of the country. The currency used in South Sudan is the South Sudanese pound.

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Zambia Industry Opportunities
Uganda Industry Opportunities
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