How to Dress for the Workplace
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At this very moment, Google is probably running diagnostics on you. It is retrieving a variety of information, making it available for anyone to access. Many employers have turned to Google to learn more about potential employees. This is nothing new. Since the burst of the Digital Age, people have increasingly turned to the internet for just about anything. From this, comes the Google presence. Of course, anything you put onto the internet forms part of a public domain, meaning that anyone can see it, trace it, and use it for their own purposes. Now, if you’re a job seeker, this can be particularly concerning. Considering the highly competitive job market, it always helps to have an edge. Making sure you have a positive Google presence can put you on a good path to that new job. Here’s how to refine your Google presence.


In this day and age, it is essential to have some sort of online presence. For professionals, a public and up to date LinkedIn profile is absolutely necessary. Other social media sites help provide a well-rounded online presence. Ideally, these social media profiles are not filled with inappropriate content! Make sure to edit and tailor your social media pages to reflect the image you desire to show to the world and your employer.

No visibility is a bad sign for many recruiters. To see how you rank online, go a quick Google Search of yourself. You want to rank highly, as you will be amongst the first results a recruiter sees.

Your headshot:

A professional headshot helps to construct an effective visual for the recruiter and employer, making them easily able to see you in the workplace. Having a professional LinkedIn profile picture is great, but you cannot neglect your other social media pages! Ensure that any pictures that rank on a Google image search are work appropriate. So that FaceBook profile picture capturing a particular wild night of yours? Delete it. Of course, pictures that show you have a social life are fine, as long as they aren’t too wild, as they might make the employer cautious to hire you.

Your online persona:

Your online persona can speak highly of your character. Tweets about personal drug/alcohol abuse, or online arguments will not reflect well on your side. Remember, everything that you put on your public profiles can be seen by anyone. If you are concerned about this, you are able to make your profile pages private, making those who want to view it have to request access. At the same time, this might make it look like you have something to hide. So exercise this with caution. Furthermore, make sure to update your social media page regularly. Having correct, up to date information aids the recruiter in knowing what position you are currently in.

Your qualifications:

This is when an up-to-date LinkedIn profile comes in handy. Everything that might appear in your CV should appear on your online profile so that recruiters and would-be employers can see you fit the brief. Furthermore, filling your online profile with work-specific keywords increases your visibility for recruiters, who often times search for specific phrases when recruiting for a new post. Ideally, you should also have endorsements from people in your line of work to corroborate your information.

Do you have any other tips for refining your Google presence? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to Dress for the Workplace
Most in demand skills in South Africa