Angola & Kenya shares Allard Prize for International Integrity
HOT JOB IN KENYA: Inventory Manager
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African Universities is a platform forum dedicated to anyone affected by university life in Africa. Here we aim to provide everyone in Africa with the opportunity to connect with other individuals from universities across Africa. By contributing, you are not only gaining insight for yourself but also educating others who are too shy to ask.


All contributors are registered users of Africa Job Board. Registration gives you immediate access to our entire database of university connections as well as administer rights to be able to host your own topic of interest. 😉



Here you will be able to discuss topics such as:
  • Designing and compiling your thesis
  • Postgraduate life in a neighbouring African university
  • Fees comparison to other African universities
  • Realistic job opportunities for your chosen career path
  • Prevailing issues in the Africa market
  • Pros and Cons of student exchange programs



The above are some of the articles that we would like to delve into. What do you think about them?
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By interacting on Africa Universities discussion forum and sharing your experience pertaining to other students’ queries, you become part of the community who has taken charge of changing Africa – a thought leader who is interested in educating and sharing information! We love interacting with thought leaders and proactive individuals from Africa! 🙂


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Our hope is to bridge the gap on misconceptions pertaining to education in Africa, answer queries pertaining to issues around university life as well as to shed some light on the realities faced by university goers.

Africa is full of highly educated and qualified individuals. This is where you interact with them!


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Angola & Kenya shares Allard Prize for International Integrity
HOT JOB IN KENYA: Inventory Manager