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The Continent Of HopeFirstly, before jumping in and looking at Africa, let’s take a moment to consider how much the global recruitment model has changed over the last 10 years. For many recruitment companies the changes have been both positive and negative and influenced by factors such as the global economy, recruitment freezes, retrenchments, etc. However when we look at Africa, it sings a completely different tune. Africa’s recruitment needs have just increased as investors run to the ‘continent of hope’. The need has been immensely different and the model unique compared to international trends.

At this point there seems to be no stopping the growth in Africa with emerging sectors in agribusiness, telecommunications, retails, logistics and banking. These expanding markets are not only contributing to the infrastructure of each country but resulting in more career opportunities for Local, Diaspora and Expatriate employees.

So, you might wonder why the expanding markets are not only using local skills in filling employment opportunities. Simply put, Africa has a shortage on technically skilled employees.

It would make sense for companies to empower local communities and people but, unfortunately, the reality is far from simple. What happens when there are no technically educated local employees that can perform key roles? Where do companies turn then?

Well, they turn back home. Not literally but they call on the Diasporas to return. Africa was forced to shift its focus on luring back skills lost to other countries. This is Africa’s best alternative to solve the skill shortage it faces in its rapid growth.

Moving beyond Local and Diaspora candidate, we are led to the sought-after Expatriate. These individuals possess the required skills and expertise that companies are attracted to. This does form the most expensive portion of employment in Africa, having to provide not only a monthly salary, but flight, housing, transportation, medical insurance, among many other perks. It is mainly the monetary incentive that makes the Expatriate opportunity appealing.

However because most of these Expatriate may not be accustomed to dealing with the occasionally harsh work environment and different cultural dynamics in Africa, the monetary incentive can fall short. This is what gives rise to the need for people who understand the lifestyles, conditions and cultures to operate successfully as an employee in Africa.

If we consider the various types of employees that are available to recruit from in Africa, besides recruiting locally, the best possible alternative would then be to try recruit Diasporas, not only from a cost perspective but a cultural one as well.

With all the growth and expansion happening in Africa, and employing the right Local and Diaspora personnel we foresee a bright future in the ‘Continent of Hope’.

The Imposing Buffalo
Africa Job Board
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