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Togo is a tropical, sub-Saharan nation, highly dependent on agriculture, with a climate that provides good growing seasons.

togoKnown to be one of the smallest countries in all of Africa. The official language is French. Togo has a climate that is generally tropical with moments of dryness. The region serves as a commercial and trade hub. Cocoa production, the cement sector and exchanges with neighbouring countries have assisted in significant economic growth and development. Cotton, cocoa, coffee, corn, sorghum, cassava and bean all fall under the primary industry. Phosphates, Construction & Civil Engineering and Building materials, limestone, iron, raw material processing, textile, leather, beverages all fall under the manufacturing industry while the service sector is concerned with transport related services.

Engineering in Togo

In recent times the country has undergone major investment operation plans as a means to enhance the efficiency of the road transport sub-sector, as well as nurture economic and social development and integration across the region.

Engineering is dominated by the rehabilitation and construction of social and transport infrastructures. Construction sites are increasingly set-up as a result of the donors’ return. The construction sector is generally dominated by the production and export of clinker and cement.  

Oil & Gas in Togo

The Togolese government is placing much focus nowadays on promoting the interest of its offshore domain. Regarding Togo’s downstream oil industry, there are numerous petroleum products traders and marketers active in Togo. Petroleum supply and distribution is regulated with a single transparent pricing formula.

The West African Gas Pipeline is a project which is underway with the aim of transporting gas from Nigeria to Togo, Benin and Ghana.

Mining in Togo

Togo’s mining industry has been dominated by phosphates, with an estimated 60 million metric tons of phosphate reserves.  Togo’s government is focusing efforts to entice the likes of mining corporations from around the world to invest in its mining industry. The West African country has been investing to boost production, including investment in new equipment to triple production.


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