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How to Write the Perfect Email

The Interview is such a crucial part of the job search. This is where employers evaluate whether you’ll make the right fit in their company. It’s not just about your qualifications. Employers want someone to fit their company culture. They want someone that will go above and beyond to succeed, both in their position and in their life. They want someone self-motivated and confident.

These are the 5 top interview mistakes you are making:

Not researching the company/ the role beforehand:

If you don’t know basic information about the company or the role before entering the interview, you’re doing it wrong. Before entering you’re interview, you should have undergone a comprehensive research phase to glean all the information you can about the company and the role in question. Know what they do, their services, their company culture, etc. Read through the job spec for the role closely to see all the responsibilities. This way, your research can shape questions to ask in your interview. Doing research shows your employer that you are proactive and take the time to educate yourself.

Inappropriate dress code:

You know that song, “Dress For Success” by Roxette? Yeah, it’s more than just a song. It’s a rule. To make a professional impression, you need to appear professional. Dress appropriately for the job. Blue jeans and a t-shirt are never appropriate for a professional job interview. Never show up in something stained or wrinkled. Wear something that makes you feel powerful and confident. Try to match the company dress code. If you don’t know the company dress code, smart-casual is your best bet.

Not being aware of your body language:

Your body language speaks volumes. It is important to be aware of what your body is saying during your interview. For example, you should avoid closed body language, such as crossing your arms over your chest, hunching over and avoiding eye contact. These can make you appear disinterested. Instead, sit up straight and maintain eye contact (in a non-creepy way). And try not to frown! Another important thing to avoid is fiddling. For example, repetitively clicking a pen or tapping your foot can seem impatient and anxious. But that doesn’t mean you should stay static the whole time. You should Incorporate a few gesticulations from time to time.

Bad-mouthing previous/current employers:

No matter how bad your previous work experience has been, it is important to appear objective. If you need to explain leaving a job because of a bad workplace environment, try to find a diplomatic way to put it. Speak of how the role taught you a lot but ultimately did not suit your personality, rather than going on a tangent about your inappropriate manager and annoying coworkers. Bad-mouthing co-workers and old employers can make you appear disloyal and could suggest a lack of people skills.

Being too familiar with the interviewer:

Avoid getting too personal with the interviewer. Obviously, flirting is out of the question. Similarly, don’t speak too much of your personal life. It can make you seem desperate, especially if you go into detail about your circumstance in a bid to sway the interviewer to pity you. You should also avoid making inappropriate jokes, and never swear or use derogatory language in an interview either. Try to stick to a semi-formal tone, one that shows that you’re professional but still have a personality.

Do you know any other interview mistakes? Let us know in the comments below!

15 quotes from Richard Branson to Inspire you
How to Write the Perfect Email