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Tunisia is formally known as the Republic of Tunisia and is the smallest country in North Africa. Algeria, Libya and the Mediterranean Sea are this country’s neighbours.

Tunisia has established close relations with Europe and France in particular, through economic cooperation, industrial modernization, and privatisation programs.

The nation has a diverse economy, ranging from agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and petroleum products, to tourism.  The industrial sector is mainly made up of clothing and footwear manufacturing, production of car parts, and electric machinery.

Banking in Tunisia

The country’s economy was dependent on oil, agri-products and phosphates, but the government initiated a structural adjustment program to reduce tariffs, liberalize and transform Tunisia into a market and diverse economy. Today we see the country with a diverse economy spread across sectors like tourism, agriculture, mining etc.

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Engineering in Tunisia

The country’s cement industry that produces approximately 5Mt per year has been privatised, with two of its largest companies being sold to European investors.

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Oil & Gas in Tunisia

Tunisia’s upstream oil industry plays a small role in the country’s economy. Intensive exploration has been carried out in Tunisia since the discovery of oil in its neighbouring countries. Areas of hydrocarbon importance are in the southern part of the country and in addition to this, exploration onshore in the central region reveal major potential oil and gas fields.

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Mining in Tunisia

Tunisia’s phosphates, base metals and petroleum industry provide most of its foreign earnings. The mineral industry is a key player to the county’s economy and over the years has significantly contributes to Tunisia’s GDP. 

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Togo Industry Opportunities
Zambia Industry Opportunities
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