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Expatriates working in South Africa have listed adventure, a better quality of life, and the ability to gain international experience as the key reasons for choosing to work in South Africa, according to the 2017 Cigna 360° Well-being Survey.

The 2017 Cigna 360° Well-being Survey analyses the health, well-being, and sense of security among 2 000 expatriates living in 20 markets across five continents. An online sampling method was adopted. All respondents were recruited from panels that undergo rigorous quality control. The panel composition is representative of the non-elderly adult population in each of the surveyed markets. The 5 key components looked at include: physical health; financial health; work health; family health; and social health.

Findings: Overall, there has been a drop in the well-being of individuals. Overall scores dropped 1.1% compared to last year’s survey, from 63.4% to 62.3%.

South Africa’s score:

On the overall index, South Africa ranked in at 61.8%. Physical health received 63.7%. Social health received 64.7%. Family received 56.4%. Financial health received 50.2%. Work received a 69.4%.

68% of South African expatriates feel satisfied or completely satisfied with their move, and 67% satisfied or completely satisfied with their career prospects. Furthermore, 89% of South African-based expatriates have excellent or very good relationships with co-workers, and 77% experience the same with supervisors. South African expatriates listed choosing to work in South Africa for the adventure (74%), for a better quality of life (72%), and to gain international experience (67%). At 40%, the key reason for moving to South Africa is a result of the lower cost of living.

There is, however, a negative outlook. Only 37% of expatriates in South Africa are satisfied with the country’s economic outlook, compared to the 63% worldwide. As a result, they experience higher levels of insecurity, concerns about financial health and lower perceptions about their ability to take care of their family’s health and well-being.

“The message is clear among expats” says Gilles Nyssens, Business Development Director Africa at Cigna. “Health and well-being are as much a priority as job opportunities, security and salary.”

Nyssens continues with advice for organisations. He states that, ““For organisations that understand that expat talent deployed into African markets is more than a commodity, engaging the hopes and fears of this globally mobile employee segment is important. However, providing solutions to dilemmas faced by those building careers on this vast-continent, is equally important. Having a great health plan represents a fine start.”

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Top 10 human capital trends for South Africa
How to Sound Smart