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The landlocked African country, Zambia, is formally known as the Republic of Zambia and forms part of southern Africa.

ZambiaTraditionally Zambia’s economy has been primarily based on the copper mining industry however recent times disclose that the government is pursuing an economic diversification initiative to decrease the economy’s dependence on the copper industry. The goal here is to exploit other components of the country’s rich resource base by supporting agriculture, tourism, gemstone mining, and hydro-power.

Engineering in Zambia

The distribution infrastructure of the oil and gas sector consists of pipeline, road and rail systems, all of which are being planned renovation and enhancement.  Much of Zambia’s economic growth has been credited to the enormous infrastructure development currently being undertaken in the local construction industry.

Oil & Gas in Zambia

The region’s oil and gas sector is controlled by the Ministry of Energy and is comprised of a downstream oil industry vital for the national economy. The country has an oil refinery at Ndola, one of very few refineries in Africa located inland. Oil-derived products source 37% of the country’s commercial energy needs, the balance being provided by hydroelectricity and coal.

Banking in Zambia

The Bank of Zambia is the central bank and aims to create and implement monetary policy that will maintain the economic stability of the country. The Bank is active in promoting financial inclusion policy and is a leading member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion.

Mining in Zambia

The Chamber of Mines is registered as an association for mining employers and is concerned with supporting the interests of its members, and encouraging, protecting and fostering the Mining Industry by achieving everything necessary in order to achieve such goals. 


Tunisia Industry Opportunities
South Sudan Industry Opportunities
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